tuesday firsts


Now why would someone who relentlessly hates being in front of a computer, rear-end glued to my desk chair, want to start a blog of mindless meanderings and thoughts? After so many blogs out there, why contribute just one more?

Because I feel like I have something to say.

Now, what do I have to say? I haven’t exactly narrowed it down yet. So this blog is a journey of sorts into the ideas, art, pictures, music, and projects that move me. Being an avid blog reader, my interests vary from Man Repelling to Paleo lifestyle. Narrowing down my purpose and interests can be difficult. But, hey, I think we can get there.

So, this is my introductory blog post. A first of many firsts…

Continuing with a glorification of firsts, I’d love to share a few of my others (don’t worry I won’t bore you with ridiculous tales of typical firsts, just the ones that were exciting enough to mention):

Riding my 1970 Honda CB 350 for the first time was everything and nothing I expected. Of course I had ridden dirt bikes as a kid and the typical motos you take the rider course on, but to be unleashed on my very own bike? There’s nothing like it. Especially the fact that I almost dropped it and then proceeded to let the engine die…twice. 

I have a love/hate relationship with Roller Derby. It is encompassing and amazing and will absolutely enrich and empower your life. It also puts you at the mercy of 8 wheels hauling ass around a mostly flat surface hoping you don’t bust yours. After only having skated about 4 weeks, I took to the track in Dallas alongside my new found teammates to practice bout two very experienced teams that rocked our world. I slid, smacked, busted, and bruised myself in every which way. I smiled for days afterward. 

I am not a quitter. Unless you know me and you know that I have quit two full-time, great benefits, salary-based, blah blah blah corporate jobs within the last year to pursue a higher purpose for my life. Now for someone who is not a quitter (self-professed, I swear), quitting my first real job was one of the hardest things I have ever done. Not the essential act of quitting, but the aftershock and change factors that came into play. Holy crow, I was not expecting it to be so difficult. It was so worth it. 

So, here’s to firsts. Whether small and exploratory, or large and encompassing, may they help us on our journeys to find ourselves. 

– K.S.



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