moto love monday – my moto

In sync with my promises from last week, here’s my first official series…drum-roll please…Moto Love Mondays! I know so original, oh well. Today I thought I would share my own moto and the story of how she was found. After a few months of pining over cafe racers, all original twins, bobbers, and everything that was semi cool looking, I finally saw a 1971 Honda CB350 at Lonestar Round Up’s 2012 show. It was chillin’ in Gold Tooth Cycles booth and the half hipster/half moto nerd seeing over it sauntered over willing to answer any questions. Unfortunately, we were in my ’99 Vette and there was no way to bring her home. But…the love for the style of the bike remained. Beautiful chrome pipes, bold white stripe around the bottom of the tank, and awesome “flying” Honda emblems. It was perfect. After that the Craigslist search ensued. Endless nights searching for anything under $4k that was in reasonable shape, even loving the ’73 and up styles as well. (Still to this day I also would like a 550 or 750 K4. Give a little scoot to my boots.) Anyway, finally a retired pilot close to Denton, TX posted about two 1970 Honda CB350s he had in running condition, one gold, one turquoise. We took to the road almost immediately and met the guy on a cloudy April day. I had already been through the rider course to be able to test for my license and to reiterate the basics of riding a moto, but was still a little shaky about taking either for a cruise. Come to find out the gold one had a little (or major, we never found out) electrical problem. So the husband took the turquoise one down the road and back for a little spin. A little bit ‘o paperwork, shake of the hands, loaded her up, and she was mine. I was so excited and nervous, I kept checking the bed of the truck to make sure she was okay. She made it home, even though upon unloading I almost laid her over having to kick start it after she died. All-in-all it was a good deal. Just a few problems over the last year and she’s still in beautiful condition. I have nightmares about having to sell her in case of major life changes…ugh, good God I hope it never comes to that. Here she is below. She may not be perfect, but she is mine : ).










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