moto love monday – the need/want for a riding group

For those of you who know me, you know I live in the middle of Nowhere, TX. Actually, I’m completely exaggerating. The town I live in has between 30-40k residents with a Division II university and is deemed the Cowboy Capital of the World. It is beautiful country here and the people in town are so amazingly nice and support most organizations that are trying to make a difference and do well in the community. We’ve got a few great restaurants, amazing garage sales, and one or two places to thrift shop (my favorite, a HUUUUGE resale/thrift store named SaverCity, closed down about two years ago, and I haven’t found a similar shopping experience since :(… what can I say, I’m thrifty and paying full price for anything, unless masterfully handcrafted or a wardrobe investment, is crap).

All these things are great, except…except…finding similar aged people with similar interests. This place is an anomaly. You either grew up here, are married, have babies and full time jobs. You are currently in college here. Or you are retired and just enjoying the slow life and beautiful surrounding areas with quick access to major towns and highways. (Now obviously I am being facetious, there are all sorts of people who live here. I network a lot and love the people I’ve met; there just aren’t a lot interested in what my husband and I are interested in.) For me (young, married, no kids and no immediate interest in them, lots-o-hobbies, intentional living-minded), it’s hard to find people on my level. With the exception of my husband. But, who wants to hang out with their significant other constantly??? What I’ve been craving lately is a group of women into riding, or cars…or reading…or art…or music…or something!! Anything besides the typical! Women who are strong-willed, driven, and have interests outside of catering to their husband/kids (don’t get me wrong I cook and do laundry, but I like to take care of the household and enjoy creating meals). Someone who does not waste their time worrying about what everyone will think of you if you ride a motorcycle, enjoy some life, and have crazy liberal ideals (I mean, really,women on motos…the nerve!).

I know this is turning into a personal rant, but I really enjoyed the camaraderie of roller derby and am looking for something similar to look forward to. A lot of the riders around here are older, have perfectly maintained cruisers, and enjoy full days of riding. Well my little CB isn’t the type to be able to handle too terribly much and isn’t super comfortable over 65 mph (doable, just not comfortable). So I would love to find a town/back-road cruising group of moto lovers, even better if they were moto ladies. I get a ton of compliments on my bike, but there are no other female riders in town, and I honestly can’t think of another person interested in vintage/cafe/bobber/scrambler types of motos or anyone that even owns one.

All this being said, I do have an amazing best friend with tons of great interests and the ability to carry hours of conversation without it being gossipy, vain, or objective. And a few amazingly close friends that have interests across the board, but life has taken different paths for them and we are not always into the same things. I’m so grateful of each of them, but I need some ladies with auto/moto love, too! With free time! And interests galore! Gossips, the vain, and shallow need not apply…


For a badass ATX ladies auto club, and ride inspiration, check out the Voodoo Dolls car club Facebook page! My moto inspiration comes from the ever-awesome MotoLady, Alicia Elfving.


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