About Me

Who knew the About Me section of the blog would be the hardest to complete? Posts…no biggie, all day ery day; but talk about myself?! Meh…

Anyway, how do I let you know who I am…hmmm. Well let’s start with being a hobbyist. There are few new things I’ve tried that I haven’t loved. And I love to try new things. Roller Derby…check. Riding a motorcycle (a vintage one at that)…check. Change to a more Paleo/Primal/Natural lifestyle…semi-check (work in progress, but I’ll get there). I’m finding it harder as I continue to live and experience new things to edit and simplify my interests. Fashion, bodybuilding, muscle cars, rat rods, Airstream trailers, vintage anything and everything, travel, CrossFit, interior/life design, photography, art, real estate, dance (burlesque/pole/jazz/hip hop), leadership and life improvement. You name it, I’ve dabbled in it and/or would like to. I attribute this to being just above mediocre at everything I tried in my youth. When you attend a small school, there is no editing. You want to play basketball and run track? Okay, you’re somewhat of an athlete, no biggie. Do it big, kid. Ten years from now you’ll regret thinking you can do anything and everything (even if you’re not that great at it).

Well, this blog is a catchall for my loves and new things that come along. A journal of sorts for what moves me. Who says I need an individual blog for every interest? Who says I’ll lose readers because my posts are all over the place? I don’t care…this one’s for me.

– kashmir stingray

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